Unboxing Dodge Challenger Demon’s Box of Goodies – Demon Crate

If you buy the new Dodge Demon, we have to say that you are not just buying a car, but instead you will get the experience that goes along with that particular set of wheels. When the Dodge Demon was revealed, we learned that for just a single dollar, you can get some thing that are known as the Demon Crate, which essentially completes the car, giving you not only the computer that is needed to give your car the full potential, but a myriad of other parts that will really spice up the ride.

In this video we watch as the new owner of a Dodge Demon takes the liberty of opening one of these bad boys to see what is inside and we have to say that it is incredibly fun to see the care that Dodge invested in making these top of the line accessories. If we were to make a somewhat educated guess, we don’t think that it would be too much of a stab in the dark to say that the condition of the crate and its contents are going to be what really makes this car worth a pretty penny years down the line.

Take a look at the video down below that shows us what’s inside the Demon crate, really giving you a good idea of just how awesome a car like this really is. We can all agree that there are not too many cars that come with a set of lightweight front runner wheels that will help with drag racing and an impact gun to help take them on and off. Be sure to tune in and tell us what your favorite part of this $1 crate is.