This 18 Year Old Girl Came Up With A Spectacular Save – Death Wobble Gone Wrong

When you are riding anything that doesn’t stay stable on its own, you might fall into what is called a speed wobble, which is exactly what we see towards the end of this motorcycle drag race. Generally, when this happens, it’s very tough to recover from it and riders are unlikely to avoid an unwanted clash with the ground at high speeds. At best the rider has their hands full with an insane ride on the edge.

However, when 18 year old Swedish Pro Stock Motorcycle rider, Elvira Karlsson, experienced some speed wobbles of her own at the top end of this run, she came up with the spectacular save to this insane scenario. Karlsson is the only Pro Stock Motorcycle rider in Europe to run in the sixes so her ability to ride is no question.

Check out the video below as the rider pulls off some quick thinking and quicker reactions as she manages to keep control in a insane situation.