When you hop behind the wheel of a semi truck, you have a whole different set of rules to play by. It’s not as easy as transitioning from a car to the massive hunk of metal flying down the freeway, punching the gas pedal and rolling with all of that cargo. This time, we check out a little bit of dash cam footage that shows one of the plights that faces semi truck drivers all over the world on a regular basis and that’s the matter of figuring out how to handle all of that height that the truck has on board that seems to want to topple over.

If you’ve ever wondered why certain corners on the roadways suggest that tall moving trucks move at a low rate of speed, this clip will show you exactly why as a tractor trailer seems to topple out of nowhere as the truck’s momentum keeps it going in the exact wrong direction!

Check out the video down below that shows us the onboard footage that takes this driver on one heck of a wild ride. This really goes to show you how something like this can truly come out of nowhere if you even lose focus for a split second! This complete 180 seemed to be unstoppable!