Civic Pulls Two Massive Pickup Trucks

In this video we have a situation where a small Honda Civic pulls a Ford dually and another Ford pickup truck on a car hauling trailer for whatever reason. Normally, we wouldn’t think that so small vehicle could have towing capabilities like this one, but as the man that is holding the camera and follows the situation that has the Ford rolling up the trailer and ripping the bumper off of a second truck, he sounds very impressed at how hard that little thing is huffing and puffing.

The situation was captured on camera at an auto auction and the guy that was filming says he knew that it would be funny so he took the time to pull out his phone and go to town! Take a look at this short video below that shows us a Honda flexing its muscles and be sure to tell us what you think of this situation.

This can be a prime example of why you might want to think bout a car like if you know that it’s ever been through an auction like this! All three of them look like they have seen better days with better treatment!