Generally speaking, truck drivers are among the safest and most conscientious drivers on the road, whether you realize it or not. Truckers run for long hours hauling tons of freight and have to be aware not only of the schedule they must keep – which is monitored closely by the DOT – but every other car on the road around them. They have to consider how much room they will need if they have to stop suddenly, and with up to 53′ long trailers behind them, they have a lot of vehicle to consider when turning.

And MOST of the time, the get it right. However, that isn’t always the case. Some truck drivers, as with regular car operators, just aren’t very good at driving, and a few of them just don’t care. It’s hard to say if this trucker is the former or the latter, or possibly both, but he certainly pulls a jerk move by trouncing this front yard fence and simply driving away.

It is never okay to leave the scene of an incident where you’ve damaged somebody else’s property, so hopefully this family was able to use this security footage and track down the company and driver responsible for this carelessness.