Sometimes, we get incredibly excited about the future and other times, well, we just want to smack ourselves in the face and pretend that we’re dreaming. This time, we come across an invention that we can’t really decide which of the affirmation categories it belongs in. Seriously though, this is sheer laziness but we kind of want to like it..

A couple of years back, we were introduced to what has become to be known as the “hoverboard.” Even though it doesn’t really hover per se, that’s what everybody has come to call the segway without handlebars. Now, we check out an attachment for said hoverboards that will allow you to use the controversial way of getting around without even standing up.

Check out the video below of the attachment that will convert your hoverboard into a rolling chair. Are you excited about this innovation or does it make you want to have the biggest facepalm moment ever? For more videos visit us at Muscle Cars Club or on our Facebook page. We are dedicated to bring you the very best Videos about Automobiles and Cool stuff. Don’t forget to check our other amazing pages American Muscle Club, Muscle Cars Addiction or our Instagram profile.